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Profit/Savings Share

This charging model is based on a percentage of the profit generated or savings achieved.

The model is designed to ensure that there is a true focus on Value for Money.

IT should be there to support you business, to either generate additional income or achieve savings.  This model ensures that only sensible cost effective solutions are implemented.

A cap is also agreed to ensure that even if the profits or savings are higher than expected, the payment remains appropriate for the effort invested.

Example - A new e-commerce web site.

Initial discussions would identify the scope of the project and its viability. A percentage of the profit, a cap to the total amount payable and the timescale would be agreed.

Depending on individual requirements, zero or minimal upfront spend would be payable. Then, as the site generates profit, fees are paid at the agreed rate and up to the cap.

Following the initial contract term, a new percentage and cap would be agreed depending on the ongoing maintenance/changes required.


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