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Green IT

Some simple tips to help reduce your companies carbon foot print.

Switch off

Encourage your staff to:

  • Switch off monitors when not in use
  • Switch off printers, faxes and photocopiers
  • Shut down or at least hibernate/sleep their computer* before leaving for the night.

* A typical desktop computer will use 75-150 watts of electricity, if left on 24x7 that is approximately £75-150 per year. With multiple machines the potential savings are significant!

Buy Green

  • Check the power consumption figures of the hardware you buy.
  • Buy to last, look at the warrantee - if it is supplied with a free extended warrantee, that is a good sign that it is expected to last.

These are just a couple of tips, VfmIT is here to ensure you get Value for Money from your IT spend contact us to arrange a free Systems Health Check.



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